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Trinity Place Shelter Capital Campaign FAQs

What is a capital campaign?

Trinity Place Shelter’s capital campaign is a three-year effort to raise funds so we can repair our building and make it a safer, more welcoming space for the homeless youth and young adults who call Trinity Place home. If we succeed, we will gain more than money. We will gain sustainability, so we may continue to provide LGBTQ youth with the safety, support and skills necessary to grow into productive, independent adults.

Why are we engaging in a capital campaign?

We’ve known our building needed major repairs since a piece of slate fell off the steeple in 2004. We’ve obtained a thorough conditions report by a building conservator and a second opinion from an architect. Both say it is urgent we repair the deteriorating steeple and tower, make the walls watertight, and bring our electricity and plumbing up to NYC building codes.

What exactly will we be doing, and how much will it cost?

Trinity Place Shelter is seeking to raise $400,000 to undertake necessary and crucial repairs to the shelter and the building in which it is located. Specifically the work is estimated to be as follows:

Roof, gutter, exterior wall & window frame repairs = $218,000

Interior code compliance, electrical and plumbing work = $91,000

Kitchen and women’s room renovation = $64,000

Stair lift for better handicapped accessibility = $18,000

Total estimated costs = $400,000

Where will the funds come from?

Trinity Place Shelter’s goal is $400,000. We hope to raise this amount through individual donors and foundations. Trinity Lutheran Church, alumni and friends will also take responsibility for a portion of the fundraising while the rest of the funds will come from grants available to buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. We also hope to receive funding for capital improvements from the State of New York in the form of a grant.

Why take this on now, when the economy is in a severe recession?

The longer we wait, the more the building in which the shelter operates deteriorates, and the more it will cost to fix it. If we raise money and do some work during the recession, we may actually save on construction costs. There are other costs associated with waiting to start work, for example, the scaffolding on the exterior of the building has had to be maintained at a cost of $1,450 since 2004 so as to avoid citations, but it provides us with with no tangible benefit.

What is Trinity Place’s “Plan B” if it does not reach its goal of $400,000?

We are undertaking the capital renovations on a project by project basis, based on our priorities. We will also apply to various grants from government and private sources including the NYS Historic Property Preservation grant and the Sacred Sites grant (which grants awards for steeples

How will Trinity Place handle and account for donations as they come in?

To meet the needs of diverse donors and keep the accounting clear, our treasurer has set up two money market accounts for capital campaign contributions: one for Trinity Lutheran Church, and one for Trinity Community Connection, a separate 501(c)(3) for the secular programs of the church, of which the shelter is by far the largest. This will ensure money donated for the capital needs of our programs is used only for those purposes. Funds not needed immediately may be held in CDs, or short-term bonds held to maturity.

Why should we support this project if some of the funds are going to Trinity Lutheran Church?

Trinity Place Shelter is an entirely non-sectarian and secular program however the Trinity Place Shelter is physically housed in the basement of Trinity Lutheran Church. This LGBTQ-friendly, progressive church opened its doors and welcomed in Trinity Place in 2006 and remains wholly committed to continuing to provide a safe space for the shelter in the future. Many church members have chosen to volunteer, donate and support the shelter creating a more "home-like," unique environment. If Trinity Lutheran Church isn't able to repair its building, they will not be able to continue to offer their space to Trinity Place and the shelter would no longer exist. For more information on Trinity Lutheran Church, please go to

How can I learn more and stay abreast of the campaign?

Please contact any of the below Trinity Place Advisory Board members that are helping to coordinate the campaign:

Joy Chia - - 646-241-5121

Nicholas Forge - - 917-293-4426


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